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Fonte Avellana dal Monte Catria (1971) - ©Archivio De Martiis


This website, the contents of which are being published, is thought to host several galleries of images and writings of various kinds.


In addition to the galleries that will show photos taken by me in recent times, there is a gallery, Archivio De Martiis, consisting of a selection of photos taken decades ago by my father. These pictures belong to my family and the original archive includes dozens of photos, some of which date back even to the 30s.


This section of the site is under construction and will include my writings, some of which will be inspired by the photos published.

Thanks a lot for your visit.

Claudio De Martiis


October 20, 2016
Launch of Gallery
"Studi 2015"
October 10, 2016
Launch of Gallery
"Archivio De Martiis"
October 10, 2016
Publication of the first sections of the site

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